About Us

We are just a couple of girls who love love, who love our brides and who LOVE to see our brides feel beautiful! That's a lot of love!

We are friends first and and can I say for a looong time! Please don't ask how long then we feel old! But you know what, because we are kinda old (not really old just kinda) we know a thing or two! And shall we say we've been around the hair and make/ bridal styling block a few times!

So... Petals and Stones is a labor of love born out of experience.

We have had the pleasure of working closely with countless brides. Too often we hear that it is difficult for them to find accessories that are both lovely and affordable. We believe every bride should feel beautifully adorned on the most special day of her life. We have poured our hearts into hand picking a thoughtful collection of accessories. 



Our paths crossed in high school in a small Southern California town. We became fast friends and have remained such over the years embracing all the changes that life brings. As our friendship flourished it felt natural to join forces in business as well. Our faith is at the center of our personal and professional lives. Our hearts desire is to live according to Colossians 3:23 and “Do all things for the Lord” which fuels our passion as well as our integrity.

Beauty is truly individual. Our hope is that no matter what style of bride you are Petals & Stones will provide the perfect piece to accessorize you on your wedding day!                                  

Katie received a BA in art at Cal State Long Beach and ultimately found her creative outlet in the hair and makeup industry. In 2005 she founded Beauty and the Beach, professional hair and make up services specializing in bridal beauty. For over 10 years she’s owned and operated this thriving business while balancing her life as a supportive wife and super active and fun mom!
Heather studied communications at Western Washington University assuming that she would end up in advertising.  Somewhere along the way she decided that people are her passion. Many years in different arenas of the wedding industry (photography, styling, bridal retail, designing and creating hand made accessories for a national retailer, as well as hair & make up) prepared her for this new adventure. Being a wife and mom is at the core her life, but she feels that juggling work and family is too much crazy fun to pass up! 
* In order to bring you a unique variety of pieces our collection is a combination of manufactured and hand made items. To give artistic credit where it’s due please notice our  to notate hand crafted pieces by Vatne Designs and Long Lost Jewelry. The  notates pieces that you’d better pick quick because they are in limited quantities and surely wont last!                              
We are forever grateful for the support and encouragement of some dear friends!
Please check out:
http://beautyandthebeach-oc.com (our hair and makeup company)